30th Anniversary Commencement Ceremony 2011

What a weekend in Vienna!

Our graduation weekend started with the Honors Convocation Cocktail on the evening of May 13th. Over 100 people attended the celebration of the best students in the beautiful location of Palais Eschenbach in Vienna’s first district. 25 awardees received their certificates under the proud eyes of their families and friends.

On Saturday, the Commencement ceremony took place in the wonderful Mozartsaal at the Konzerthaus in the heart of Vienna. All students had their big day as they gowned up and proceeded into the Graduation Hall together with guests of honor accompanied by the sound of Pomp and Circumstance. Faculty members from Vienna as well as faculty from other Webster European campuses led the procession.

This year we had the great honor of welcoming not only the Webster Worldwide President, Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Stroble, but also Ambassador William C. Eacho III, the United States Ambassador to Austria as our special guests of honor.

Dr. Julian Schuster, Provost of Webster University Worldwide, brought greetings from the main campus in St. Louis. The commencement keynote address was delivered by Gernot Mittendorfer, MBA 96’. Each student was then called up on the podium by name and their degrees were conferred by Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Stroble. The event ended with the recessional march and a cocktail reception full of smiles, laughter and with some very happy graduates.


Teacher of the Year Award: Chris Newman
Excellence in Teaching Award: Brian Lewis
The Bronwyn K. Mitterecker Momorial Alumni Award: Kristina Hahsler

Webster University Alumni Association Awards
Undergraduate Student Leadership Award: Boris Stoyanov Nenchev
Graduate Student Leadership Award: Julijana Bojanic-Cenker

Webster University St. Louis Undergraduate Academic Honors
Summa Cum Laude - with highest distinction: Hannah Stadlober
Magna Cum Laude - with distinction: Simona Auer, Enver Efendira and Pamela Mikschofsky
Cum Laude - with great distinction: Ana Knyazeva, Cristina Laura Lupu and Marjan Martinoski

Webster University St. Louis Graduate Academic Honors: Linda Tanios Eid

Webster University Vienna Schön Nobel Awards for academi Excellence
Undergraduate Award: Hannah Stadlober
Master of Arts: Linda Tanios Eid
Thesis Award: Ingrid Elvira Salazar
Master of Business Administration: Lucas Hofer Morano y Sandoval

Departmental Honors

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences: Simona Auer and Anca Romana Lazar
Department of History, Politics, and International Relations: Anna Knyazeva, Cristina Laura Lupu, Pamela Mikschofsky and Hannah Stadlober

George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology:
Department of Business: Enver Efendira, Anca Romana Lazar, Cristina Laura Lupu, Marjan Martinoski, Alina Metlitski and Boris Stojanov Nenchev
Department of Management: Simona Auer, Enver Enfendira, Anna Knyazeva, Alina Metlitski, Pamela Mikschofsky, Raffaela Ortner, Johanna Charlotte Sophie Wahl and Helena Maria Isabella von Feury
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science: Marjan Martinoski

School of Communications
Department of Communications and Journalism: Ammar  Alfehaid, Gamma Maria Siregar and Hannah Stadlober

Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts
Department of Art: Alexandra von Ungern-Sternberg Prufer and Silvia Cojoc

Visit our YouTube Channel for filmclips of the ceremony and interviews: www.youtube.com/webstervienna

The 30th anniversary weekend ended with an extraordinary and very festive 30th anniversary Webster ball on Saturday evening.

Gernot Mittendorfer, MBA 96‘