Certificate Programs

Certificate in Web Site Design

Businesses and organizations are developing web sites at an astonishing rate and more artistic and design expertise is required for those who develop and maintain these sites. The web site design certificate is intended to meet that need.

The content of the program emphasizes basic principles of attractive design and teaches students techniques for using graphics on interactive web sites. Students are encouraged to use their creative skills and artistic ability to design pages that are unique and that effectively use text and graphics for navigation and linking. The program includes practical experience with numerous real-life projects.Click the following link for details.Course requirements, etc.

Certificate in Digital Media - Design & Production

The certificate in digital media - design & production, enables students to acquire the skills needed in the expanding field of digital media. It is designed to serve students who have no previous experience in the design and production of digital media, but who seek to enlarge upon concepts, technical aspects, theories and their application in practical work in this sector. Click the following link for details. Course requirements, etc.