Frequently Asked Questions

Application and Admissions

How do I qualify for admission to Webster?
All interested students must complete the application process to Webster and meet Webster’s minimum academic and English language skills requirements. Please see here for specific application requirements. In order to qualify for a Webster’s Bachelor degree, you must possess a completed high school degree,  to apply for a Master’s degree you should possess a Bachelor Degree from an accredited university (accredited by the Ministry of Education in your country). You can also transfer to Webster University from another accredited university.

How and when should I apply?

When will I know whether or not I am accepted?
Students will be notified of their acceptance within two weeks of completing his/her application, meaning that the application and all supporting documents and results have been submitted.

Can I transfer to Webster University?
Each year Webster welcomes dozens of transfer students from public as well as private institutions. Please note that only courses taken at accredited universities (accredited by the Ministry of Education in your country) are eligible for transfer credit.

Do I need an undergraduate degree to be eligible for the MBA program?
Yes, all students must complete an undergraduate degree in order to be eligible for MBA and Master programs.


What degree programs can I study at Webster?
Webster offers Bachelor, Master and MBA programs.

How long does a degree program take?
This depends on the degree program you chose as well as your academic background. An undergraduate degree can normally be completed in 3-4 years.  A graduate degree can be completed in 1.5 to 2.5 years, depending on the program and whether a student is attending full time or part time. Applicants with Austrian Matura’s, German Abitur, IB Diplomas, AP result, A-levels receive advanced standing depending on their grades and can transfer up to 7 courses into the Bachelor Degree program in which case the Bachelor will take around 3 years.

When are the courses held?
The majority of undergraduate courses are held during the day from 9am to 6pm, with some being held during the evening. Master level courses are usually held from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.  A typical undergraduate student takes 2-3 courses per term (8 weeks), so the student sits 6 – 9 hours per week in a class. 1 course is 3 credit hours in class. A typical graduate student takes 1 course per term. One term is 8 weeks, whereas 1 semester is 2 terms which is 16 weeks long. Please calculate for every hour you sit in the classroom one hour outside class for preparation, reading, homework, team work etc.

Are there distance learning programs or online courses available?
All Master and MBA programs are offered also online. Students may combine in-classroom courses with online courses or study exclusively online.

Costs and Financial Services

How much does it cost to study at Webster?
Financial information for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Are there scholarship opportunities available?
Scholarships are limited and very competitive. At Webster Vienna, only accepted students may apply for scholarships.  You can check the type and availability of scholarships here. For further information on how to finance your studies, please visit the financial section. In order to be considered for scholarships, you must have an average GPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0 being the highest) and demonstrate good English proficiency skills (TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge Advanced Certificate).

Student Services

What study abroad opportunities are there at Webster?
Webster students have the opportunity to study at Webster campuses in the USA, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, England, Thailand or the People’s republic of China, either changing locations throughout their degree programs or starting and finishing their programs in one location. Please click here for more detailed information about our Webster's other campuses. Each completed degree is accredited in the US and if a student completes the last year (10 courses around 30 credit hours) at the Webster University Vienna campus, the degree is also accredited in Austria.

Does Webster Vienna offer student housing?
Our Student Affairs Office can arrange for accepted students to stay in off-campus student dorms each term. Visit our Housing page for more information about Webster-provided housing and other housing options.

What kind of accreditation does Webster Vienna have?

Webster University Accreditation. Webster University Vienna is the only dually accredited university in Austria, with both, the US accreditation as well as with Austrian private university accreditation by the local Ministry of Education. Each Webster University degree has the US Accreditation, if a student would also like to receive  the Austrian accreditation (dual accreditation of US and Austria), the last year (10 courses around 30 credit hours) has to be completed at the Webster University Vienna campus.

Contact Us

If you are interested in receiving detailed information about Webster Vienna's undergraduate or graduate programs, please contact our Admissions Office. You can make an individual appointment to speak with an Admissions Officer by calling +43 1 269 9293 0 or sending us an e-mail.