Certificate in Web Site Design

As businesses and organizations are developing and maintaining Web sites at an astonishing rate, more artistic and design expertise is required for those who develop and maintain these sites. The Web site design certificate is intended to meet that presentation need.

The courses offered in the Web site design certificate provide students with the skill necessary to design sites that are visually attractive and emphasize the human-computer interface aspects of  Web sites. The content of the program emphasizes basic principles of attractive design and teaches students the techniques for using graphics on interactive, presentation, and commerce Web sites. Students are encouraged to use their creative skills and artistic ability to design pages that are unique, attractive, and effectively use both text and graphics for navigation and linking. The program includes practical experience with numerous hands-on and real-life projects.

The program includes 6 Web Site design courses (18 credit hours) of which the following are offered in Vienna:
COAP 2000 XHTML Programming*
HTML is the programming language used to develop home pages on the Internet. This course covers the most current tools available for developing HTML documents and posting pages on the World Wide Web. This course covers the basics of XHTML (Extensible HTML).
3 CR
COAP 2110 Web Animation
This course covers animation techniques used in the creation of Web pages. Students will use a current animation tool for Web page design and Animation development. Prerequisite: COAP 2000 (or concurrently) or HTML proficiency.
3 CR
COAP 2150 Design Principles I
This course covers the analysis and design process for creating successful Web sites. Students will learn various methods for implementing web site navigation. Basic design principles useful in laying out professional and appealing pages including graphic file formats and design techniques such as web typography and color theory will be covered. An introduction to the internationalization of web sites and web accessibility will be introduced. Prerequisite: COAP 2000 or HTML proficiency and COAP 2170.
3 CR
COAP 2170 Web Usability and Accessibility
This course introduces the student to the area of web usability, including web accessibility. Students will learn how to design usable and inclusive user interfaces for web pages and sites. Prerequisite: COAP 2000 or HTML proficiency.
3 CR
COAP 3120 Designing with Stylesheets ||
This course covers the styling of Web pages as laid out in the latest CSS specifications. Through the use of hands-on projects and code samples, the students will create style sheets in real-world exercises and master the skills to create effective style sheets on the Web. Prerequisites: COAP 2150 (or concurrently).
3 CR
COAP 3150 Design Principles II
Continuation of COAP 2150. Students will implement the design from COAP 2150 into a complete web site with documentation. Digital graphic techniques such as the use of layers, masks, filters, and other special effects are covered. Students will also learn to work with scanned images, manipulate color contrast and balance, and handle various graphic file types. Prerequisite: COAP 2150 and COAP 3120 (or concurrently)

*) Students that can demonstrate HTML proficiency may choose a course substitute from the approved elective list.

Additional courses are offered online.