Faculty - International Relations

Research Faculty

Univ. Ass.-Prof. Dr. Samuel R. Schubert, Head of Department, International Relations, Webster University Vienna
Email: samuelschubert30@webster.edu
Specialties: International Relations Theory, Energy Geopolitics, and Security Studies
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Pollak, Professor of Political Science, Webster University Vienna; Department Head, Political Science, Vienna Institute for Advanced Studies
Email: pollak@webster.ac.at
Specialties: European Integration Studies and Democratic Theory
Dr. Franco Algieri,  Associate Professor of International Relations, Webster University Vienna
Email: francoalgieri35@webster.edu
Specialty: European and Asian security, EU-Asia relations, European foreign policy


Dr. Elina Brutschin, Assistant Professor of International Relations, Webster University Vienna; Ph.D. Candidate, Vienna Institute for Advanced Studies
Email: elinabrutschin60@webster.edu
Specialty: European Energy Policy

Current Core and Adjunct Faculty (2013-2014)

Dr. Frederico Bordonaro, Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units, Italy;  Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development of Canada, Embassy of Canada, Italy
Email: fbordonaro38@webster.edu
Specialty: Geopolitics
Dr. Manuela Caiani, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna
Email: caiani@webster.ac.at
Specialty:  Social Movements and Contentious Politics, Europeanisation and the Public Sphere, Right-Wing Extremism in Europe and the USA, Discourse Analysis.
Univ.-Ass. Mag. Dr. Marcel Fink, Department of Goverment, University of Vienna; Editor, Austrian Journal of Political Science
Email: marcelfink07@webster.edu
Specialty: Comparative Politics

Dr. Eric Frey, Managing Editor, Der Standard, Vienna
Email: efrey@webster.edu
Speciality: International Political Economy
Dr. Dorota Gierycz, City University of New York
Email: dorotagierycz23@webster.edu
Specialty: International Law
Dr. Thomas Grischany, University of Chicago
Email: thomasgrischany@yahoo.com
Specialty: European History
Dr. Marcelo Jenny, Department of Government, University of Vienna
Email: marcelo.jenny@univie.ac.at
Speciaties: Political Parties, Research Methods

Dr. Lonnie Johnson, Executive Director, Austrian–American Educational Commission (Fulbright Commission), Vienna
Email: lonniejohnson26@webster.edu
Specialties: Political Ideologies and Theory
Dr. Phil. Monika Mokre, Austrian Academy of Sciences; Chairwoman, Austrian Political Science Association
Email: monikamokre25@webster.edu 
Specialties: Globalization and Culture Politics
Prof. Dr. Irmgard Marboe, Faculty of Law, University of Vienna
Email: irmgard.marboe@univie.ac.at
Specialties: International Law, Space Law
Mr. Andreas Papp, Doctors Without Borders
Email: andreaspapp22@webster.edu
Specialties: Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
Univ.-Ass. Dr. Petra Purkarthofer, Department of Political Science, University of Vienna
Email: ppurkarthofer24@webster.edu
Specialties: Latin American and Gender Studies
Mr. Martinez Romulo, OPEC Fund for International Development
Email: r.martinez@ofid.org
Specialty: International Governmental Organizations, Fundraising
Dr. Emmanuel Sigalas, Vienna Institute for Advanced Studies
Email: esigalas18@webster.edu  
Specialties: Political Theory and European Integration Studies
Dr. Guido Tiemann, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Vienna Institute for Advanced Studies
Specialty: Methods


Dr. Lydia Wazir-Staubman, Department of General Education, Webster University Vienna
Specialty: Political Debate