Media Communications

The media plays a decisive role in our perception of the world. New media have revolutionized media communications. Today people are not only expected to be literate, they are expected to be 'digerate', or digitally literate. The Media Communications program is designed to make students familiar with several areas: introduction to mass communication; production skills in two or more media fields (reporting/ print journalism, video, audio, photo, etc); and an introduction to ethics, law and the media. The program is expanding, adding new faculty, new hardware, more integration of the theoretical, technical, creative and managerial aspects of communication.

Students are expected to work on practical applications as well as the theoretical and research aspects of media. We emphasize training in the digital production and post-production of content.

New hardware and software (Apple and Windows) enable students to work in a quasi-professional manner. Outside contacts are part of the practice of our courses; site visits to Viennese media companies and institutions often lead to internships or project work.