Certificate in "Digital Media - Design & Production"

The Certificate in "Digital Media - Design & Production" enables you to acquire the skills needed in the expanding field of digital media. It is designed to serve students who have no previous experience in the design and production of digital media, but who seek to enlarge upon concepts, technical aspects, theories and their application in practical work in this sector. Proficiencies trained in this program are already more than auxillary in almost every profession but are surely of growing importance in international communication, management, business, creative-industries and arts. The broad spectrum of possible practical work allows students to choose a personal emphasis in their applied studies.

Depending upon your main interests, you can cover the areas of video, audio and photography, web design, animation and digital multimedia journalism.

Student Learning Outcomes

Successful graduates of the certificate program will be able to:

  • understand the basic aesthetics, concepts and technologies of  convergent media; apply and practice the principles necessary for effective design and efficient production
  • analyze and compare existing and self-created media projects
  • incorporate professional feedback into advanced work
  • evaluate the quality of solutions in digital media

Degree Requirements:
This certificate consists of 24 required credit hours taken at Webster University.

Required Courses:
Introduction to Media Production
3 CR
INTM 1600 Introduction to Interactive Digital Media 3 CR
PHOT 1010 Digital Basic Photography 3 CR
MEDC 1500 Applied Media Aesthetics 3 CR
An additional 12 credit hours are to be chosen from the following:
Writing for Interactive Digital Media 3 CR
INTM 2200 Visual Design for Interactive Media 3 CR
ANIM 2010 Experimental Animation 3 CR
ANIM 3150 Stop-Motion Animation (requires ANIM 2010) 3 CR
VIDE 1810 Video Production 1 (now offered as VIDE 1000) 3 CR
VIDE 2520 Video Production 2 (requires VIDE 1810 - now offered as VIDE 2200) 3 CR
JOUR 2300 Journalism - Layout and Design 3 CR