Dr. Anthony Loewstedt

Current Position:

  • Assistant Professor and Research Faculty
  • Webster University Vienna (since 2007)
  • Adjunct Professor, Webster University Vienna (since 1997)

Country of Origin: Sweden/Britain

Courses taught at Webster:

  • POLT 3600, Methods in Political Science
  • HIST 2450, The History of Africa
  • INTL 3600, Methods of Political Inquiry
  • INTL 3260/POLT 2250/ECON 3100, MEDC 5310/INTL 5600, South Africa – A Historic Transition: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, (incl. study trips to South Africa)
  • HIST 3150, Economic, Political and Social Aspects of Globalization  
  • PHIL 1100, Introduction to Philosophy
  • MEDC 2200, Ethics in the Media
  • MEDC 1010, Introduction to Mass Communications
  • MEDC 1630, Media Literacy
  • GNST 1250, Freshman Seminar: Cultural Identity
  • MEDC 2800, Cultural Diversity in the Media
  • GNST 1250, Freshman Seminar: Globalization
  • GNST 1250, Freshman Seminar: Ethnicity and Ethnicism
  • MEDC 3190, Introduction to Media Research
  • MEDC 3260/INTL 3260, The Media Wars in the Middle East
  • PHIL 2110, Introduction to Ethics
  • VIDE 3150, Webcast Production
  • ANSO 1010, Introduction to Anthropology/Sociology
  • HIST 2000, Social History: Social, Political, Economic, and Media Aspects of the History of Soccer
  • PHIL 1010, Introduction to Critical Thinking
  • ART 4920/FLST 3170 Seminar in Visual Culture: Documentary Film – Topics in Documentary Film Studies
  • MEDC 4100, The Law and the Media
  • PHIL 2320, Contemporary Moral Problems


  • University of Göteborg (Sweden): History of Ideas, Philosophy, Theory of Science
  • University of Vienna, Philosophy and Selected Subjects (Wahlfächer)

Background and Facts

Worked at the International Press Institute in Vienna 1994-2005 with press freedom- and media monitoring-related human rights work: incl. research, documentation, publications, and consultation; organization of, contributions to, and attendance at seminars, conferences, and congresses; editor of Africa (1997-2000) and Middle East/North Africa (2000-2005) sections of annual World Press Freedom Review; worked 2004-2005 as Senior Consultant, for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) at Miftah – The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy, Media and Information Programme, in Ramallah and Jerusalem, as part of the UNDP Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People: Transfer of Knowledge; also taught philosophy/cultural studies at Bir Zeit University, Palestine in 2005; research interests span from philosophy to politics, history, anthropology, psychology, culture, and media.

Selected Publications

  • Femicide in Apartheid, in Pappe, Ilan (ed.): Peoples Apart: Israel, South Africa and the Apartheid Question (I.B. Tauris & Co., 2011, forthcoming)
  • Apartheid – Ancient, Past and Present: Systematic and Gross Human Rights Violations in Graeco-Roman Egypt, South Africa, and Israel/Palestine, with a Foreword by Ilan Pappe, Wien: Gesellschaft für Phänomenologie und kritische Anthropologie, 6th edition, June 28, 2010 (1st edition 2006), http://media.manila.at/gesellschaft/gems/Apartheid6.pdf
  • Rights versus Diversity? The Accelerated Extinction of Languages and Cultures as an Aspect of Current Globalization Trends, paper presented at the conference, ‘Africa Information Ethics Conference: Ethical Challenges in the Information Age’, organized by the University of Pretoria, the government of the Republic of South Africa and UNESCO, February 5-7, 2007, held in Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa; published in the International Review for Information Ethics, No.9 (07/2007), http://www.i-r-i-e.net/inhalt/007/21-loewstedt.pdf
  • Stereotypical Images of Arabs in the Western Mainstream Media, research paper presented at the conference, ‘Media Ethics & Journalism in the Arab World: Theory, Practice & Challenges Ahead’, organized by the Heinrich Böll Foundation in cooperation with the Institute for Professional Journalists and the Lebanese American University, Beirut, June 9-11, 2004. Published in Abu-Fadil, Magda (ed.): Media Ethics & Journalism in the Arab World: Theory, Practice & Challenges Ahead, Beirut: Lebanese American University, 2004,  http://ipj.lau.edu.lb/events/20040609/200406_proceedings.pdf
  • Global Guardians of the Freedom of Expression, in Langenbucher, Wolfgang R. (ed.): Die Kommunikationsfreiheit der Gesellschaft: Die demokratischen Funktionen eines Grundrechts, Publizistik - Vierteljahreshefte für Kommunikationsforschung, Sonderheft 4/2003, Wiesbaden: Westdeutscher Verlag, 2003 (with Hahsler, Kristina), http://www.vs-verlag.de/index.php;do=show/site=w/isbn=978-3-531-13899-2/sid=c0a78033d0b382b844278290dde130bb
  • The Need for a Global Association of Independent Press Councils, Paper presented at ‘The Ethics of Journalism: Comparison and Transformations in the Islamic-Western Context’, an international conference organized by the German Institute for Middle East Studies and the Zeit Foundation, held under the auspices of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Johannes Rau, at Bellevue Palace, Berlin, March 29-30, 2001; published in Hafez, Kai (ed.): Media Ethics in the Dialogue of Cultures: Journalistic Self-Regulation in Europe, the Arab World, and Muslim Asia, Hamburg: Deutsches Orient-Institut, 2003, http://www.gbv.de/dms/bs/toc/376539402.pdf
  • The Clash of Histories of Civilization, New African, Vol. 37, June 2002
  • Kultur oder Evolution? Eine Anthropologische Philosophie (‘Culture or Evolution? An Anthropological Philosophy’), Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Verlag, ISBN 3-631-48178-0, 1995, http://www.peterlang.net/Index.cfm?vID=48178&vHR=1&vUR=2&vUUR=1&vLang=D