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  • MA Counseling Psychology
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  • Psychology Program
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Clinical and counseling psychology are still the most practiced occupational areas. However, these two working fields constitute only a small part of what this rapidly growing discipline has to offer. Psychologists are employed in many fields; industrial-organizational psychologists work in businesses and organizations, providing expertise in issues such as employee training and team dynamics; school psychologists support and counsel students through their academic life; experimental psychologists conduct research to study human behavior inside and outside of scientific laboratories; and forensic psychologists work in the criminal justice system to help judges and attorneys to understand deviant behavior.

Learning about psychology is more than facts. For this reason Webster’s psychology program offers you a sound introduction into a field that aims to understand human behavior and mental processes. Webster also recognizes that the best way to study the dynamics of human behavior is to provide you with small groups to ensure a productive learning environment with your fellow students and professors.


"To offer a broad-based program with an emphasis on practical applications of theory that provides a sound foundation for advanced studies at the graduate level."

To achieve its mission, the program will:

  • Offer a wide range of courses in the core areas of psychology
  • Provide a strong theoretical foundation in subjects required by most graduate psychology programs
  • Apply theory to practice in small group seminars, individual internships, and through experiential learning