Boosting Individual Creativity and Organizational Innovation for Business Resilience

Companies need to grow and outperform the competition to survive the future, and innovation is the key. Better innovation requires a scientific identification of who within an organization are the most creative and innovative individuals. Can you reliably measure individual creativity and organizational innovation climate? The answer is YES. IMAGINO® is the only tool on the global market that adequately assesses individuals and organizations in the area of creativity and innovation in one go.

Executive Education in Individual Creativity and Organizational Innovation Can Improve Your Career Opportunities.

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Creativity and Innovation

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Drivers or indicators identify individual and corporate gaps by benchmarking vs. a global gold standard, pinpointing how and where to close the gaps, so the entire workshop session is tailored to close these gaps. The goal is to boost individual creativity and corporate innovation.

What to Expect with Individual Creativity & Organizational Innovation Program

IMAGINO® underpins an organization’s potential and ability to focus on further developing and stimulating key creative and innovative drivers. These drivers or indicators identify individual and corporate gaps by benchmarking vs. a global gold standard, pinpointing how and where to close the gaps, so the entire workshop session is tailored to close these gaps. The goal is to boost individual creativity and corporate innovation.

  • Understand the big picture about innovation strategy
  • Understand the drivers of creativity and how to enhance them
  • Create corporate creativity and innovation culture
  • Lead and drive creativity and innovation for lasting corporate success

Module One: How each individual can become more creative

Regardless of the business role, everyone can tap into and unleash creative potential. This session will explain what individuals can do to be more creative.

  • Unpacking group (aggregated) results: How IMAGINO®, a unique proprietary assessment tool, identifies the creativity & innovation strengths and gaps for individuals and within the organization
  • Definitions of creativity, creative processes, and some exercises
  • What neuroscience tells us about creativity
  • Crucial settings that enhance one’s creativity and how to set them up

Modul Two: How companies can fire up and accelerate organizational innovation

This session will discuss how corporations can accelerate innovation in all business units and
departments for lasting corporate success.


  • How the whole creativity story fits into the overall corporate goal of driving innovation
  • Do’s and don’ts for corporate, regional, country-level or departmental innovation
  • How leaders can identify creative potential and talent
  • Why the flexible innovation team structure is a necessity for successful innovation
  • Innovation processes and how to measure them
  • Extensive Q&A and discussion


creative instructor ViennaAntonija Pacek, M.Phil

Antonija Pacek studied psychology at the University of Cambridge and in Vienna, and decided to pursue a dual career over the last 25 years as a consultant/lecturer and a composer. She worked for years in human resource consulting at Hewitt Associates, the Centre for Creative Leadership, and then continued as the Head of Creativity and Innovation Practice at Global Success Advisors in Vienna. While at Global Success Advisors, Pacek developed a globally unique assessment tool, IMAGINO, that identifies gaps in individual creativity and corporate innovation – all in one go.

Throughout her corporate career, Pacek has been teaching as an adjunct professor at several universities in Vienna. It was a great honor when Webster University in Vienna selected her to co-lecture with legendary Phil Zimbardo during his visiting lectures. Pacek is also an adjunct faculty at Duke Corporate Education, which is the No. 1 global provider of bespoke corporate programs.

During her free time, Pacek composes solo-piano, neoclassical, cinematic music. So far she has published four albums, has a publishing contract with Warner Chappell (publishing arm of Warner Music Group), and (before pandemic) regularly toured in leading Italian concert halls. On Spotify she has more than 300 000 streams for her published albums. Yellow Rose Records published her fifth album “Seasons of Life” in March 2022, and all her music is available on all major global streaming and downloading platforms. 

Duration of the module(s)

One day - 7.5 hours for two modules

840 € per participant.

What Past Participants Had to Say:

“Creativity continues to be identified by senior executives across business sectors and geographies as a key competency to sustainable organizational success. But how can creativity be unleashed among individuals, teams and ultimately, the entire organization? As a first step, it is important to obtain an empirical diagnosis of creativity in your organization so that you know what action plan to put into place. Along these lines, I highly recommend the IMAGINO® assessment as a tool for understanding and enhancing creativity in your organization and reducing potential obstacles to unleashing the inherent creativity that resides in the hearts and minds of all people.”

David G. Altman, PhD
Executive Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA
Center for Creative Leadership

“I was impressed with and found very beneficial the creativity and innovation seminar held last year. The IMAGINO® assessment tool was introduced together with some useful techniques for unlocking creative thinking in order to become more innovative. The IMAGINO® tool covers incredible, in-depth research and offers numerous possibilities of exploring one's strengths and gaps on the individual level, as well. Personally, this training was truly useful for me, as it gave me new techniques to increase my creativity potential and apply it, especially in my work. The facilitator, Antonija Pacek, was very professional, delivering the new information and techniques in a very refreshing way.”

Mag. Ursula Pasewald-Steyrl
Talent Manager A/CEE/CIS Pfizer Austria

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