To preserve the integrity of its academic standards and degrees, Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU) reserves the right to revoke a conferred degree earned through academic misconduct or fraud, or in case the degree was conferred erroneously due to administrative error.

Degree Revocation Policy

WVPU’s Degree Revocation Policy outlines the procedure and circumstances whereby a previously granted WVPU degree may be revoked

This policy pertains exclusively to degrees granted by Webster Vienna Private University, accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria, and not to those degrees conferred by Webster University.  

as of May 2021

In accordance with §89 of the University Act 2002, WVPU may revoke a previously conferred Academic Degree when it was obtained thorough serious academic misconduct or fraud. Examples of serious academic misconduct include, but are not limited to, providing false information on an application for admission, cheating on an examination, plagiarism or research misconduct while enrolled in a degree program. 

The University Senate is responsible for handling and deciding upon degree revocation cases related to academic misconduct in accordance with the procedures outlined below. 

Anyone with information regarding academic misconduct or fraud related to a previously earned academic degree should refer it to the University Senate. Upon receipt of credible information, and assuming the Senate agrees by simple majority vote that the accusation merits further investigation, the University Senate shall form an investigative committee composed of the respective Department Head, an appointed faculty member, and the former advisor of the student (if still employed at Webster) or, in case the advisor is no longer at the University, a senior permanent faculty member covering core subject areas of the respective program.

The investigative committee will review the evidence within thirty days. If it finds by simple majority vote that the allegations are legitimately founded it will recommend a hearing. If the committee finds that the evidence does not support the allegations, no further action will be taken. 

If the committee recommends a hearing, the individual suspected of prior academic misconduct will receive a statement detailing the allegations and copies of any evidence relating to the allegations from the Office of the Director. The individual will have 30 days to respond and will have the option of providing a written statement addressing the allegations in addition to attending the formal hearing. If the individual chooses not to respond within 30 days or attend the hearing, a decision will be made without the individual’s input. 

At the hearing, the investigative committee will present the allegations, evidence and any written response from the individual suspected of misconduct. The individual, if present, can address the allegations. The University Senate will then vote on revoking the degree by a simple majority decision. This decision is final and cannot be appealed. 

When the Senate decides to revoke a degree, WVPU’s Academic Services Office will send letters to venues that received copies of the original degree to show that WVPU revoked the individual’s degree.

WVPU’s Academic Services office oversees a systematic process for determining degree eligibility, which includes a confirmation from both the student and the Department Head overseeing the respective degree program that the student concerned successfully met all program requirements.  

In the rare event that a student was approved for a degree in error, such as when a student did not meet all the degree requirements and thus did not earn the degree but received approval in error or when a student was conferred the wrong degree, the Academic Services Office or the respective Department Head will submit a degree revocation request to the Office of the Director. The Director and Associate Director will review if the student met all degree requirements.

If the wrong degree has been conferred, the degree will be revoked and a new degree will be issued. If the student did not complete all requirements, the Director and Associate Director will decide on the next steps, which may include the revocation of the degree or allowance for the student to finish any remaining degree requirements within a set time period.