WVPU is a leading private university in Vienna. Our diverse, international staff includes more than 40 nationalities, bringing together eminent academics and practitioners from a variety of international institutions. Apply today for an exciting career opportunity!

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For 40 years, Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU) has provided its students with an internationally competitive, American-based liberal arts education in the heart of Europe. Accredited in both Austria and the United States, WVPU offers an individualized, student-centered American education within the framework of a European research university. As part of a global network of campuses based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, WVPU is dedicated to preparing its students for an increasingly globalized world through academic programs that cultivate critical thinking and intercultural understanding.

Webster Vienna Private University is committed to excellence in teaching and research. WVPU offers innovative programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level, awarding Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. At the undergraduate level, the departments of Business and Management, International Relations, Media Communications, and Psychology are complemented by the Center of Liberal Arts’ multidisciplinary curriculum in the human, social and natural sciences.

Current Faculty Vacancies

There are no faculty vacancies at the moment.

For questions related to your application, please contact the HR Department: hrdepartment@webster.ac.at at WVPU, Praterstraße 23, A — 1020 Vienna.

Your privacy is important to us, and we take the General Data Protection Regulation seriously. It is our goal to be sensitive and respectful of your personal information and to adhere to all facets of the GDPR regulation. All personal data you provide are subject to our privacy notice.

Adjunct Faculty

As an adjunct faculty member, you will teach classes in your field of expertise. The diverse adjunct faculty at WVPU contributes to a high-quality learning experience for students. WVPU adjunct faculty are contracted based on a course instruction agreement. Indicate your preferred faculty position in your application.

Current Adjunct Faculty Vacancies

There are no adjunct faculty vacancies at the moment.


Current Staff Vacancies

There are no staff vacancies at the moment.

For questions related to your application, please contact the HR Department: hrdepartment@webster.ac.at at WVPU, Praterstraße 23, A – 1020 Vienna.

Your privacy is important to us and we take the General Data Protection Regulation seriously.  It is our goal to be sensitive and respectful of your personal information and to adhere to all facets of the GDPR regulation. Please be aware that all personal data you provide are subject to our privacy notice.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age or any other factors. The mission of the Human Resource Department is to serve as the link between prospective employees and the institution in an attempt to recruit and hire the most qualified individuals for any vacancy within the University Community.

An attractive private pension plan scheme is available for salaried employees after one year of service.

WVPU supports professional development for all of its employees. These include both internal and external initiatives.

Faculty and Staff members

Faculty members:

  • WVPU supports its faculty to continuously develop their knowledge and expand the network.
  • WVPU regards participation in an international scholarly community as a vital element of knowledge creation and dissemination.
  • WVPU invites all status-track faculty to use the existing training services available. Annual performance agreements support all efforts to plan, document, and later assess such efforts including, in particular, publications, participation in workshops and networks, and the presentation of original research at major discipline relevant conferences, which is supported by University travel grants.

Staff members: Biannual Feedback Dialogues support the planning of professional development activities throughout the year. Professional development days and budgets support individual training needs.

Further Training Opportunities

  • Computer-based training resources: WVPU offers its faculty and staff a wealth of resources to support their work, expand their knowledge, and develop professional skills through partnerships with industry leaders.
  • Class audit and Tuition remission: When deemed appropriate, staff members may be permitted to audit specific, non-language oriented, graduate-level courses in addition to and outside of their working hours. Under special circumstances, staff and faculty members may be eligible for tuition remission.
  • Erasmus + Mobility Program: As an active member of Erasmus+, WVPU supports opportunities for staff and faculty to participate in short-term professional development activities at partner institutions.

WVPU works with external parties to promote occupational health and offers regular in-house workshops on a variety of topics, in addition to a weekly internal relaxation workshop. Health management also includes the support of a joint employee/student team at a yearly Vienna running event.

WVPU is a family-friendly environment that offers flexible working time models as well as part-time employment opportunities in order to foster a healthy balance between career and family. At WVPU, Dec. 24 and 31 are additional holidays.

WVPU organizes many social gatherings including a New Year’s kickoff party, employee appreciation celebrations, off-campus teambuilding events, and a Thanksgiving Dinner inviting all employees and family members.

Every Employee is entitled to one Charity Day per calendar year.

A Charity Day is to contribute and support social causes, volunteering at a local charity, individually or as a group.

WVPU is a leading private, tuition-based university in Austria that takes social responsibility seriously.

Research needs to make a difference for it to matter. Transformative learning means engagement beyond the secure confines of the University, motivating students to lead lives of purpose. WVPU contributes to the public discourse on global issues and serves as a partner and an informal idea laboratory for corporate partners and international and non-governmental organizations with offices in Vienna.

The University encourages faculty, staff, and students to confront social issues and get involved with service whenever and wherever possible. From direct community involvement to the publicly accessible events it organizes, WVPU’s sustained approach to social responsibility epitomizes its efforts to foster global citizenship.

Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU) is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer that values diversity among staff, faculty and students and considers such diversity critical to cultivating academic excellence and achieving its mission to foster global citizenship.

WVPU has an established four-member Working Group on Equal Opportunities (WGEO) with an elected Diversity Manager serving as its chair.

The mission of the WGEO is to contribute to the expansion of equal opportunities within the WVPU community. As such, the WGEO supports the Executive Board (EB) and the Human Resources Office (HR) in communicating those principles so that all members of the community are fully informed of their rights and responsibilities as put forth in the values of WVPU’s Affirmative Action Plan for Managing Diversity and the Advancement of Women.

This will be done by promoting and reporting on the principles of diversity, inclusivity and equity, aligning with the core values of the global Webster network and the rights and obligations of global citizens.

Verena Karlsson

"I enjoy working with an international team of staff and faculty at WVPU, as we all strive together to prepare our students for success. I am proud to contribute to the University’s mission of offering a global-oriented and personalized education to people from all over the world." Verena Karlsson, Head of the Rector’s Office

Mouhanad Mourad

"I am so grateful to be part of the WVPU community. I feel supported and challenged every day by the leadership and staff. WVPU has an incredible team of wonderful, intelligent people. A great culture and supportive, transparent leadership. It's a great opportunity to broaden your horizons by meeting new people from different cultures." Mouhanad Mourad, Senior Finance Officer


Jozef Batora

"WVPU provides a truly global academic milieu with highly dedicated students and faculty from more than 70 countries on all continents. It is a pleasure to be able to develop my research ideas in such a stimulating environment." Jozef Batora, Full Professor of International Relations


Mauro Ortiz

''Not only is working with and for students a rewarding experience, it is also enjoyable! Working at WVPU means working with the world as we host over 70 nationalities, which is truly a valuable opportunity to broaden your perspectives and understanding of the world."  Mauro Ortiz, Marketing Officer


Anna Gallistl

"I thoroughly enjoy being part of an international organization, which allows for much diversity. Communicating with students face-to-face during their time at WVPU and assisting where possible in their professional projects are just a few of the many reasons that I am proud to be part of the WVPU team." Anna Gallistl, Junior Student Account Officer

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