Conference presentations, proceedings, and others. Our faculty names are in bold.


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Méhu, Marc and Gerger, G.; Wittmann, L.; Méhu, M;18 (July 5, 2021-July 9, 2021) Will you help me or not? Uncovering patterns of social signals related to help, sex, and cultural group in a field experiment. International Society for Human Ethology, online.

Ticini, Luca (10/18/2021-06/12/2021) Neuroestetica: le basi neurobiologiche della bellezza. Cultura e Salute, Lugano, Switzerland.


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Méhu, Marc (04/23/2019-04/26/2019) Dyadic patterns of smiling predict interactive styles and outcomes of face-to-face negotiation. European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association, Toulouse, France.


Méhu, Marc (04/04/2018-06/04/2018) Gender differences in emotional communication reflect sex-specific social strategies. Consortium of European Research on Emotion, Glasgow, United Kingdom.