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We encourage prospective students to email so one of our team can respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you may also send a WhatsApp message during office hours (10 to 17 Central European Time, Monday-Friday): +43 (0) 664 427 3641. 

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Department  Name Phone and Email

Front Desk

General inquiries

Mrs. Jasmina Dukovska

Front Desk Officer

Mr. Nedim Popovic

Front Desk and Events Officer

+43 1 2699293 0 

Admissions Office

Student application inquiries

Campus tours

Processing of applications

Scholarship inquiries

Transfer credit inquiries

Ms. Veronica Godea, BA

Admissions Officer

Mr. Stepan Eliseev, MA

Admissions Officer

Ms. Jessica Lopez, MA

Junior Admissions Officer

+43 1 2699293 4332

+43 1 2699293 4315

+43 1 2699293 4329

+43 1 2699293 4304 

Advising Office

(Current Students)

Support with degree planning

Registration in/withdrawal from courses

Guidance in fulfilling WVPU diploma requirements

Advising and Enrollment Officers:

Last names A to L:

Mr. Jaroslav Jorik, MA

Last names M to Z:

Ms. Chryssi Tsounta, MSc


+43 1 2699293 4383

+43 1 2699293 4321 

Admissions and Advising Concerns, Educational Agent Agreements, Recruitment Presentations, School Visits, Student Grant Coordination, General Visa Guidance

Ms. Deidree R. Diño, MSc

Head of Admissions and Advising

+43 1 2669293 4304 

Finance Office

Student tuition fee statements

Scholarship questions

Payment arrangements and rreimbursements

Agent commission payments

Ms. Anna-Maria Markouli, BA

Junior Accounts Officer

Mr. Mouhanad Mourad

Senior Finance Officer

Mag. Michael Postmann

Head of Finance and Administration

+43 1 2699293 4344

+43 1 2699293 4319 

+43 1 2699293 4307 

Student Resource Center

Study Abroad/Site Transfer

LEADS Program

Accommodation providers

Clubs and organizations

General student visa guidance

Ms. Jennifer Sowerby, BA

Student Resource Officer

+43 1 2699293 4355 or 4386 

Academic Services Office

Official enrollment documents

Academic appeals and reinstatement/readmission requests

WVPU diplomas and ECTS diploma supplements

Mrs. Maida Kojic-McAndrew, LLM 

Academic Services Officer

Mrs. Petra Bocus-Thurn

Registration Officer

+43 1 2699293 4312 

+43 1 2699293 4320 

Human Resources Department

Job openings for staff and faculty

Job application updates

Employee and leadership training

Employee benefits

Mag. Nora Binder 

Human Resources Manager

Ms. Mariya Mavrova, MSc

HR Officer

+43 1 2699293 4313 or 4309 

Marketing and Communications 

Marketing and advertising

Recruitment event planning

Social media coordination

Publications and media outreach

Mr. Nermin Podzic, MA

Head of Marketing and Communications

Mr. Mauro Ortiz, MSc

Marketing Officer

Ms. Amanda Cooke, MBA

Jr. Marketing Officer

+43 1 269 9293 4317 


+43 1 2699293 4349

+43 1 2699293 4331  

Rector's Office/Office of the Director

Matters for the WVPU Executive Board and University Council


Academic, and Alumni Affairs

Mag. Verena Karlsson, MBA

Head of Rector’s Office

+43 1 2669293 4333 




Webster University Study Abroad students - FAQs about housing, Visa D applications, orientation and more.


WVPU Student Resource Center (SRC)
Phone: +43 1 2699293 4355 or 4386