Webster Vienna Alumna Becomes World Champion of Mental Magic

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Webster Vienna Private University’s alumni network not only reaches all continents and walks of life, but also features professionals in a diversity of fields, with countless contributions to the world of science, arts, international relations and business.

One example of this is Anca Lucian, Webster Vienna alumna who has applied the knowledge and experience gained throughout her studies into a unique career path. 

After graduating from WVPU in 2007, Lucian found her dream career in the fascinating art of mental magic. Since then, she and her husband, Lucca, have become vice-world champions in mental magic in 2015, appeared on the TV show "Fool Us" in Las Vegas and recently became world champions of mental magic. 

Memories of Studying at Webster Vienna

Lucian graduated from WVPU with a BA in International Relations and Business Administration – a double major, with two minors in Media Communications and Website Programming. Lucian experienced some of her best years while studying at Webster Vienna as she delved into four different fields of study.

“The political debates in the International Relations classes, the business group projects and the interesting analyses we conducted as part of the media curriculum remain the highlights of my academic life at Webster Vienna,” she said.

Lucian went on to note the experience of a vibrant campus and community. “Back then, the campus was in Vienna's  22nd district, rather compact and intimate, and I got to know the building by heart. I was active in the Student Council (now Student Government Association (SGA)) and attended as many student activities as I could, which broadened my horizons.”  

Discovering a Dream Career

While Lucian now works as a full-time magician, the path to realizing her passion took many different turns. “I got my first job as a website programmer through Webster Vienna’s Career Services after my second year at university. Then I worked in the corporate sector between 2006 and 2016 as a financial analyst, business consultant, business controller and business development manager.” 

Prior to 2011, Lucian had no knowledge of magic, let alone its potential as a career path. “I discovered magic in 2011 when I met my husband, who had been a professional illusionist for 15 years,” she explained. “At first, I was amazed and mesmerized, and I did not want to know the secrets behind the illusions. I just wanted to enjoy the magic.”

“But a year later, after we married, Lucca showed me the performance of a mind-reading couple from Germany, and it fascinated me, and for the first time, I wanted to learn an illusion myself.” From there, Lucian took a leap of faith and changed her career to become a full-time artist, eventually becoming world champion of mental magic alongside her husband.

“There are different branches of magic, and when I discovered mental magic, I was attracted to the specifics of it,” Lucian reflected. While discovering a new passion, Lucian found a place for the analytical skills she developed while studying at WVPU. “I found, for the first time, I could put both my logical thinking and artistic soul to use.”

lucian-mind-readingAnca Lucian and her husband, Lucca, have been performing together since 2011.

Taking the First Steps Toward a Fulfilling Career

For those who are thinking about earning their bachelor's degree in Vienna, Lucian hopes to inspire new students with her own experience at Webster Vienna. “While the road to your dream job or career may seem straightforward, it is the twists and turns that put you to the test and help you discover who you really are,” she said. 

As for advice for current students thinking about their career path and which step to take next, Lucian suggests, “Be true to yourself and to your talent and skills. Anything else will just cost you precious years or misplaced focus.” 

The diversity of people, discussions and interests at Webster Vienna is what really makes a difference, making it an ideal starting point for students curious over more than one field of study. “That is the beauty of studying at Webster Vienna,” she said. “You can try out so many different subjects and eventually discover what makes you dream!” 

We want to congratulate WVPU alumna, Anca Lucian, on her most recent accomplishment, becoming the World Champion of Mental Magic FISM this past July in Quebec, and wish her all the best on her future endeavors!



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