Want to Study in Vienna? How to Prepare for Your Journey at Webster Vienna

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It’s almost time to welcome another freshman class on campus at Webster Vienna and we couldn’t be more excited! Each year, the new students bring so much joy as they discover WVPU for their first year of university. It can feel overwhelming at times trying to prepare for life on campus, so we're offering tips and advice as you begin your studies in one of the world’s most livable cities, Vienna.

At Webster Vienna Private University, we make sure every student feels welcome, supported and cared for. Our student body is a family-like community, and our students quickly become well acquainted with one another. Students in the LEADS program, a leadership certificate program at WVPU, help run our new student orientation, where students get to know one another, connect and start to feel at home on campus. 

What to Pack for College Life on Campus

Packing is an important part of your preparation, but it’s easy to overdo it. Consider the essentials you’ll need for your dorm, such as any storage supplies and additions you want to have in your room. Try to only bring the clothes you’ll need for the semester, especially if you plan to return home around the holiday season. It may feel like you want to take your entire life with you, but the less clutter you’ll have in your dorm room, the more organized and relaxed you will feel.

Get to Know Who You’ll Be Studying With

Getting to know your roommates, classmates and students from all around campus is arguably the best part about campus life. Entering this new chapter in your life alongside your fellow classmates immediately creates a bond. Navigating this journey together is exciting, challenging and life-changing. The friendships you’ll make when you study abroad in Vienna will last a lifetime. Meet new people by introducing yourself to your roommates and neighbors, being open to new experiences and inviting new friends to activities.

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Create a Schedule and Organize Your Course Times

When you arrive on campus, it can be helpful to formulate an idea of what your schedule will look like once classes start. While earning your undergraduate degree in Vienna, you’ll have a lot to look forward to in terms of engaging courses, collaborative projects, guest speakers and activities on and off campus.

A consistent schedule that you can maintain will help you decide when you have free time for social outings, relaxing and more. It’s helpful to plan out your weeks so you stay on track. Creating good time management habits when you arrive on campus can help set yourself up for success.

Look for Campus Events and Activities

Across campus year-round, WVPU offers a number of events and activities that students can join. Whether you’re looking for a club to join or you want to attend an off-campus excursion with other students, you’ll find a wide range of activities.

On top of social events and activities, Webster faculty, staff and students are constantly organizing networking events such as academic conferences, workshops and forums. While earning your degree and having fun, you’ll also be able to make important connections for your future, even from the moment you get to campus.

Explore Your New City

A huge advantage that Webster students have over students at other universities is the beauty, vibrancy and diversity of the city of Vienna at their fingertips. Once you feel comfortable with your living setup on campus and you get a feel for the university, we suggest exploring this incredible city. 

Situated in the heart of Europe, Vienna offers excellent opportunities to connect with many international companies that have offices in the city. Vienna also boasts an eclectic art scene, a music scene of many genres, rich history and cultural heritage, outdoor activities and more. It’s the perfect place to explore, especially before your courses get too busy. The experiences you’ll gain while studying in Vienna will last you a lifetime.

Are you ready to study in Vienna?

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