Meet WVPU Alumnus and E-Mobility Expert Roman Nedielka

roman nedielka with emotorbike

Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU) alumnus Roman Nedielka has Indonesian traffic to thank for his interest in the vast potential of electric vehicles.

Nedielka’s daily commutes spent idling on congested urban streets were not sustainable, so in 2018, he purchased an electric motorcycle to bypass car traffic. He is now a self-described electric mobility enthusiast.

Originally from Slovakia, Nedielka pursued a Webster Vienna executive MBA degree as a springboard toward a truly international career. He knew that in order to excel in a global working environment, one must have experience with all aspects of business, including finance and organizational behavior.

“An MBA degree is a ‘qualifier,’” said Nedielka, in the sense that the advanced degree helps a CV stand out in a crowded field. “I learned a lot about how to deal with challenges and complexities.”

He studied in the Webster executive MBA program during weekends in both Bratislava and Vienna. To take full advantage of Webster's international network, Nedielka spent the final semester of his degree studying in London. He worked fulltime and completed the degree in 2005.

After graduating, he stayed in London for a year before relocating to the United Arab Emirates for telecommunications and technology consulting work. He knew the Southeast Asian market would be the next step in his career. He put his MBA to work, founding startups throughout the continent and finally relocated to Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta.

Soon after, he began a pro bono relationship as an expert digitization and innovation advisor with the Indonesian government.

“As I’m getting older, I’m more often paying attention to work that is meaningful, that will really have an impact,” Nedielka said.

“The government here is actively involved in fostering innovation, SMEs, and startups, and I was running the largest startup program in Indonesia,” he said. (An SME is a small and medium-sized enterprise, many of which are pioneering new technologies that can help make urban life more sustainable.)

With his new motorcycle, Nedielka experienced first-hand the value of an electric vehicle: a quieter and more agile ride and a smaller environmental footprint. His Webster MBA skills and professional experience helped him unlock fundamental change of electrification of the transportation industry. He founded chaRge, the Indonesian Electric Mobility Association, and he has additional e-mobility projects on the horizon.

The alumnus has advice for entrepreneurial members of the Webster Vienna community.

“Take risks. Be curious. Try to build a strong network foundation," he said. "Find a way to validate your [business] idea. For example seek out a startup incubator program for guidance through the stages of a lifecycle of a startup.”

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