Riena Sharynova: Management Student Embracing Webster Vienna Experience

riena sharynova in library and wgtWith the new academic year underway, Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU) welcomes back its enthusiastic and dedicated students, including Riena Sharynova.

Majoring in Management with an Emphasis in Marketing, Sharynova embodies the spirit of involvement that defines the WVPU community. Born and raised in Dnipro, a large city in the center of Ukraine, she had several options when deciding on a university.

"There were many factors that contributed to my university's choice. First of all, I have lots of friends who graduated from Webster Vienna, and they have always told me about their studies with such an excitement and proudness. I immediately realized that I would also like to study there," she said.

"I was immediately interested in the approach to the learning process: all classes are in the forms of seminars where we are constantly engaged in a variety of projects and can indeed get the most out of the courses. Last but not least, Vienna is indescribably beautiful and comfortable city to live in," she added.

Sharynova’s commitment to her education at WVPU is further exemplified by her involvement in campus activities. She showcased her talents in singing and piano playing during Webster's Got Talent, leaving a memorable impression on her fellow students.

Moreover, Sharynova actively participates in lectures and various events, demonstrating her dedication to making the most of her time at Webster Vienna. Her twin brother, Mikhail Sharynov, is a Business Administration student at Webster Vienna.

In recognition of her academic excellence and involvement, Sharynova is a recipient of a Webster University Vienna Undergraduate Distinction Scholarship, one of the many financial aid and scholarship options available at the Vienna campus.

As we continue on with the fall 2023 semester, Sharynova's journey at WVPU serves as an inspiring example of how a passion for learning, involvement in campus life and scholarship support can create a rich and fulfilling university experience. This student embodies the essence of what it means to be a part of the Webster Vienna family.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member of the WVPU community, visit study.webster.ac.at.

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