Alumni Spotlight: Lucas Kornexl

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lucas kornexl wvpu alumnus

Lucas Kornexl is putting his Webster Vienna Private University education to work in the field of international relations, policy and promotion of democratic values.

Kornexl graduated from Webster Vienna in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. 

"The academic environment of Webster Vienna had a big impact on my career and my interests," Kornexl said. "It was thanks to international relations that I took a further interest to move and work in different countries, including the Netherlands, Indonesia, South Korea and Italy."

Kornexl, who holds both Austrian and Brazilian citizenships, pursued a master’s degree in globalization and development studies with an emphasis on climate change from Maastricht University. 

"Studying international relations further encouraged me to travel the world and live in new countries, and this was one of the most fun experiences I had," Kornexl said. "I urge all International Relations students to move after their studies and gain new experiences in different countries."

In the past, Kornexl worked on climate-related and environmental projects at the Green Climate Fund in South Korea; the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome; and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna. He currently works as an environmental project consultant, and serves as a non-executive board member of the pan-European political party Volt Europa. His work also includes involvement with the party’s newest country chapter, Volt Ukraine.

"My Webster Vienna studies helped prepare me for the international environment within the multi-national, cross-border Volt Party," he said. "By the time I joined the party, I was familiar with and highly interested in a dynamic and international environment. I work each day on international relations with various Volt chapter countries and our European, national and local elected officials."

Kornexl offers some career advice to fellow members of the Webster Vienna community:

"The world is changing and so is the future job market," he said. "International relations studies are broad enough to help open opportunities across the world, though it is also important to have further specializations about the job markets that will still exist in the future or are growing.

"These specializations could include additional studies, training or work experience. For example, I specialized in climate change and emissions mitigation, as I anticipate an increasing demand for people who specialize in this job market," he added.     

This blog post was written with support by WVPU student Mila Kesic.

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