Students and Alumni Embark on EPIC Workshop Journey

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Jean-Pierre Kallanian and EPIConsulting

In a bid to empower students and alumni with invaluable skills for personal and professional growth, the Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU) alumni network recently presented "Embark on an EPIC Journey,” a workshop aimed at cultivating an open-minded approach to maximize life’s opportunities.

On March 7, Jean-Pierre Kallanian, the founder of EPIConsulting, led the workshop and introduced his company’s core principles based on the EPIC model which stands for explore, play, inspire, connect.

With a holistic approach, the framework advocates for a growth mindset, emphasizing the importance of curiosity, creativity and collaboration in both personal and professional endeavors. Regardless of age or experience, the EPIC model encourages individuals to embrace lifelong learning and self-discovery.

Through a combination of partner and self-reflective exercises Kallanian’s approach encouraged attendees to unlock their full potential by raising their level of awareness of how the regular inclusion of Explore, Play, Inspire and Connect -- the EPIC Model in all aspects of life, whether it be personal or professional, creates fertile soil for human development to naturally occur, leading to an “epic” life.

Kallanian brings extensive experience, with a background in counseling psychology, dating back to 1996. His 16-year tenure in the Massachusetts juvenile justice system and authorship of "What You Can Learn From Your Teenager," underscore his expertise in intergenerational communication and personal growth.

Throughout his career, Kallanian has helped others confront personal and professional obstacles with assurance and aims to unleash inherent capabilities. His work as a counselor, author and consultant reflects his commitment to facilitating positive change and fostering healthy relationships. Kallanian’s aptitude lies in improving relations, communication, critical thinking and conflict management, with credentials in crisis intervention, conflict transformation, negotiation and mediation that ultimately bring a wealth of expertise to his role as facilitator and coach.

The workshop represented a unique opportunity for students and alumni to collectively reawaken their innate ability to pursue a rewarding journey of both personal and professional growth.

Blog written with support from IR student and marketing assistant Sofia Opferkuch.

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