WVPU International Relations Alumnus Career Leads to OSCE Cybersecurity Role

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david ilioski outside vienna's rathausWebster Vienna Private University (WVPU) alumnus David Ilioski has lived all over Europe, but considers Vienna to be one of his homes.

When not playing football and volleyball or watching his favorite sports teams lose, Ilioski spends his time traveling and working at the world's largest regional security organization. Webster Vienna spoke to Ilioski to see where life has taken him since his graduation in 2020.

WVPU: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?

DI: I come from Skopje, North Macedonia. However, from a young age I have lived abroad in many different countries. I have lived in Austria for more than 10 years. I consider Vienna to be one of my homes, in addition to Skopje and Stockholm where I have a lot of family. 

WVPU: How did you decide to study at WVPU?

DI: The decision was rather simple. Webster Vienna offered the best option for studying International Relations in Vienna, on top of providing an education entirely in English with both Austrian and American accreditation. In addition, the multicultural and multi-ethnic environment showcased through students and staff from a variety of backgrounds felt like a place to which I would easily fit and thrive.

WVPU: What are you doing now?

DI: I work at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Secretariat in Vienna.

WVPU: With 57 states from Europe, Central Asia and North America, the OSCE is the world's largest regional security organization. That’s a great place for International Relations majors such as yourself. What do you do in your role?

DI: I have been working with the OSCE for nearly four years in different capacities, on top of completing a master's degree while working. I currently work in the OSCE Transnational Threats Department and on the topic of Cyber/ICT Security, and hope to further develop my professional career within the OSCE. 

WVPU: How did your experience as an IR student shape your perspective on global issues and interactions?

DI: Invaluable to me was the background knowledge and understanding of international affairs imparted to me by my professors and through my classes. My time as an IR student proved to be a solid foundation to explore a career post-degree within the international sphere.

WVPU: Could you highlight a memorable experience or project from your time studying at Webster Vienna?

DI: The classes and interactions with my professors Rector Johannes Pollak, Joachim Honeck and Jozef Bátora, just to name a few, impacted my understanding of the field to the highest degree. While the classes and professors had a huge impact, the extracurricular activities and collaborations with many students and friends within the Student Government Association and LEADS program had the biggest impact. These interactions, friendships and bonds we made through working together were most important. 

WVPU: How do you feel your degree in International Relations from Webster Vienna prepared you for your career?

DI: My degree provided a solid foundation to enable me to pursue a career in the field. I think Webster Vienna offered an experience which is unmatched in Austria. But you get out of it what you put in it. Webster Vienna provides all the tools necessary to prepare you for a career after the completion of your degree. 

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