Venturing Into Global Horizons: The Vienna Study Abroad Adventure of Rebecca Clardy

student rebecca clardy standing outside hofburg palaceStudying abroad offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in a new culture, gain international perspectives and create lasting memories. And what better place to choose than in Vienna?

Rebecca Clardy, a psychology major and sociology minor at Campbell University in the United States, is a study abroad student at Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU). Through the Webster International Network Schools (WINS), Clardy has embarked on an enriching journey in Austria, where she is not only expanding her academic horizons but also indulging her passions for travel and entrepreneurship.

At WVPU's Palais Wenkheim, Clardy is pursuing her academic interests through courses, which include Topics in Music and Issues in Contemporary Psychology. WVPU's faculty and her fellow study abroad students have provided her with a supportive and stimulating environment to explore these disciplines from an international perspective.

As Austria's stunning capital, Vienna offers an ideal backdrop for international students seeking a study abroad experience.

“I have gotten to experience a lot here in Vienna," Clardy said. "Some of my favorite experiences here include doing karaoke with friends, having a picnic in the park and running into a random dance class by the Danube. There is always something to do and experience and I truly have had the best time.”

Clardy's thirst for adventure and exploration is evident in her summer travels. She has also visited Budapest, Cyprus, Paris, Prague, Venice, and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Poland during her semester. Through these experiences, Clardy has not only broadened her cultural horizons but also enhanced her understanding of diverse societies and their unique perspectives.

“Study abroad has not only helped my academic career, but has changed my personal life as well," Clardy said. "Through this program, I have gotten to learn more about myself, and the WINS program has helped me to come out of my shell. I have made amazing friends that I will come home with and have made memories of a lifetime. This experience was life changing and is something I will cherish and never forget."

Beyond academic and travel pursuits, Clardy is a small business owner in Virginia. Clary said the skills and knowledge gained through her studies and study abroad experience will undoubtedly contribute to her success as she navigates the world of business and leadership.

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