Dedicated International Relations Student Dives Into Webster Vienna Campus Offerings

Sofia Opferkuch

Austrian-born, Mexican-raised student Sofia Opferkuch only recently moved to Vienna, yet she is among the most familiar faces on campus this semester.

Opferkuch can be seen engaging with the marketing department, Student Government Association (SGA) and International Relations (IR) events such as the Global Diplomacy and Governance Series, known around campus as “Pizza and Diplomacy.”

Opferkuch, a recipient of a Webster Vienna Training Scholarship, is this semester’s marketing team assistant. She works in Palais Wenkheim and throughout Vienna creating social media content, assisting with our campus merchandise and attending and photographing the university’s exciting and enlightening campus lectures and social events.

“Working as the marketing assistant has allowed me to come out of my shell and be much more involved in student life," she said. "I am able to come up with creative ideas for social media, attend amazing events and actively interact with faculty and staff to learn about our university all the while highlighting the uniqueness and wonderful experience Webster Vienna has to offer.”

Sofia Opferkuch

Opferkuch is also the SGA Clubs Assistant.

“Being part of the SGA as a Clubs Assistant has connected me so much more to my fellow students and colleagues. Actively encouraging others to join WVPU’s clubs and activities outside of the classroom, plus regularly voicing concerns of areas in need of improvement, helps make our university experience the best it can be.”

Opferkuch was born in Salzburg and moved to Mexico City at a young age, returning to Austria in 2022 to begin her International Relations degree.

“After high school I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in the diplomatic field. I learned about Webster Vienna during an international university fair. The beautiful campus, incredibly culturally diverse community, connection to my Austrian roots and most importantly, the all-encompassing IR degree made me realize that this university was the place for me,” she said.

Some of her favorite courses so far have been Contemporary Europe, International Affairs in Military Power, Introduction to Political Theory and Introduction to International Relations. She said the list of favorites was “extremely hard to choose from.”

“Not only do I enjoy the interdisciplinary aspect of the degree, but so far, courses have widened my perspective on global affairs tremendously. What I like most about my IR major are the inspiring professors we have, carrying diverse expertise and wisdom. We are able to discuss current events and not only learn about the theory but also about their respective professional and academic fields,” she said.

“The International Relations program is extremely well-rounded and the small classes make learning so much more proactive. Also, the amazing networking events and guest lecturers that Webster offers allow me to gain valuable professional insights and exclusive opportunities that will only have a positive impact in my future career path.”

Learn more about the Webster Vienna International Relations department.

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