Webster Vienna Hosts Wellness Week as Student Mental Health Break

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wellness week workshop 1Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU) recently hosted its first Wellness Week, a collaborative effort aimed at prioritizing mental health and fostering community.

Wellness Week was the result of a partnership among the Webster Vienna Psychology Department, Counseling Services and Student Resource Center (SRC). The series of events offered WVPU students, staff and faculty an opportunity to decompress before buffer week and final exams.

Dr. Didem Kepir Savoly, Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology at WVPU, highlighted the importance of coming together as a community to emphasize mental health.

“This year’s Wellness Week engaged WVPU Psychology master's students in real-world experience related to coaching the topics of well-being, mindfulness and academic stress,” Savoly said.

wellness week workshop 3

Throughout Wellness Week, participants attended student-led workshops, a yoga session, and mindfulness activities. Savoly’s Master's Students enrolled in her Group Processes and Group Theory course curated several workshops under her supervision and hosted the daily workshops. Counseling Services and the SRC organized the other events.

“Wellness Week offered our community the opportunity to focus on self-care before study break and exam week. WVPU will continue nurturing a culture of holistic well-being and support, ensuring that the spirit of mindfulness and community remains a priority here on campus,” Kepir Savoly said.

Psychology students James Pozin and Eliska Mataskova led a workshop about an interesting theory of well-being called the PERMA Theory. Participants tested out simple exercises, which can be used regularly to increase one's well-being, and took part in activities such as mapping your happy, a gratitude jar and celebration tree.

Master candidates Lina Mansour and Mackenzie Driscoll engaged students in a workshop about academic stress. The session dove deep into the world of academic stress, uncovering its effects on physical, mental and emotional health. The session provided interactive discussions and hands-on activities where participants explored the sources of their stress and learned practical tools for effective management. Aromatherapy was offered in the student lounge before the workshop.

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On April 24, students Leila Jamasbi, Maria Eugenia Rodrigues Dos Reis and Anielle Egekwu led a workshop that taught students how to use mindfulness skills to improve mental well-being and foster a connection with the present. Another yoga class took place that afternoon.

PSYCH students Anna Pohl and Alicia Sheel’s worksho,p “Overcoming Procrastination,” helped attendees identify possible root causes of procrastination. Students were introduced to practical, research-based strategies to become more effective in their everyday lives. Aromatherapy took place at the same time in the student lounge.

The final day of Wellness Week included a workshop led by students Borislava Dimitrova and Elizabeth Thomas, “Navigating Transitions in Uncertain Times” that gave participants a basic orientation to the concept of life transitions (both planned and unplanned). With the goal of equipping Webster Vienna students to face any life transition with courage and creativity, they presented tactics about increasing tolerance for anxiety in uncertain situations, and organized some group activities to put these tools to the test.

Feedback from participants was positive, with many expressing gratitude for the opportunity to prioritize their mental health and well-being during Wellness Week.

“The workshops provided practical tools that I can incorporate into my daily routine to manage stress,” one participant said. 

WVPU faculty and staff extend sincere gratitude to those who contributed to the success of Wellness Week. WVPU is here to provide support needed to thrive academically and personally; support services, counseling and other resources are available year-round to our community.

Webster Vienna counseling sessions are confidential and free of charge. To make an appointment, contact Counseling Services at counseling@webster.ac.at. The Student Resource Center (SRC) is another support network for students. Connect with the SRC at student.services@webster.ac.at.

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