From Amman to Austria: PSYCH Studies Brought Noor Nassereddin to Palais Wenkheim

noor nassereddin in viennaWebster Vienna Private University (WVPU) student Noor Nassereddin is pursuing a major in Psychology and contributing her time as a library assistant this semester. WVPU spoke to Nassereddin and asked her to share a little bit about herself and her interests.

WVPU: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?

NN: I come from a mixed background, with roots in both Palestine and Venezuela, and my upbringing was in Amman, Jordan.

Palestinian culture carries centuries of tradition, deeply tied to the land, customs and historical narratives. Venezuelan culture is a vibrant and exotic culture with a lot of diversity in music, dance, art and of course, the culinary delights.

Living in Amman added another layer to my cultural medley. Jordan is steeped in history, with Petra and Dead Sea among its iconic archaeological sites. 

Each of my cultures holds a treasure trove of traditions, values, art and stories. My mixed background offers different perspectives on life, family, community and spirituality. Growing up amidst such diversity presented me with a profound appreciation for beauty found in each culture, as well as an understanding of the importance of preserving and celebrating their uniqueness.

noor nassereddin on campus

WVPU: When did you move to Vienna, and what attracted you to the university?

NN: After taking a gap year following my high school graduation in 2018, I relocated to Vienna in 2019.

I studied the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in high school, which required us to attend a “pre-IB” camp before entering the 11th and 12th grades. Initially, I intended to join my friends in the United Kingdom. Contrary to my plans, my school decided I should go to Vienna alone. At first I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about this new destination, as I thought Austria wouldn’t captivate me as much as other countries did.

Everything changed after my time at the IB camp. I fell in love with the country to the extent that it felt like home. After spending three months in Vienna, I made up my mind that this was where I wanted to pursue my bachelor's degree. I applied to eight universities, including Webster Vienna, and upon receiving acceptance from all of them, I didn't hesitate to choose Vienna.

WVPU: This semester, Nassereddin has delved into the fascinating world of neuropsychology as a student in Professor Luca Ticini's course, Topics in Psychology: Clinical Cases in Neuropsychology. Alongside her classmates, she is engaged in exploring various brain abnormalities and their corresponding behavioral manifestations. This semester-long academic project is not only expanding the understanding of clinical cases but also enabling students to specialize in their chosen fields.

Tell us more about your experience studying PSYCH at Webster Vienna:

NN: I have developed a profound interest in both neuropsychology and child psychology over the past two years at Webster Vienna. I am currently interning at Neuroevolve, a company deeply engaged in the realm of neuroscience.

What I like most about Professor Ticini’s course is its practical approach, moving beyond theory into the practical application of the subject matter. The class aligns with my internship work, adding layers of understanding of neuropsychology through our work with real clinical cases, specifically focusing on brain abnormalities.

Within the context of this course, I chose to investigate bipolar disorder. I have gained a deeper understanding of how neuropsychology intersects with clinical practice. The course has really helped me bridge theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience.

WVPU: As this semester’s library assistant, you collaborate closely with Webster Vienna librarian Benjamin Fasching-Gray to enhance awareness of the incredible services available at the campus library. Can you recommend a favorite book that is currently available at the library for your fellow students?

NN: One book that I highly recommend to my peers is called “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself” by Michael A. Singer, which I found incredibly insightful. The book is a captivating exploration of the human mind, consciousness and the journey toward what he calls “inner freedom.” What makes this read so intriguing is its ability to articulate complex spiritual concepts in a clear and accessible manner. Singer delves into the nature of the self, addressing the patterns of thoughts and emotions that often hold us back from experiencing true happiness and fulfillment.

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